Do’s and Don’ts

If Crohn is a part of your life you should know what to eat and what NOT to eat. Although, not all foods affect people who have this disease the same way, there are some types of food that you may want to stay away from, such as :

  • Raw fish (which I banned from my meals a long time ago)
  • Lime other sour fruits like (oranges , grapefruits , apricots etc.)
  • Fried food (greasy food is not okay, it was hard at first but I got rid of it)
  • Dairy Products (a lot of us are lactose intolerant on top of it all but there are so many substitution foods for dairy that this should not be too hard)
  • Bacon (too oily)
  • Cafeine & Chocolate (as coffee is totally forbidden, chocolate does not stand far away from this list since it was added to the don’t last year)
  • Alcohol (It varies for some people but I must say that sometimes blonde beers calm some of my stomach pains because of the beer yeast so it was recommended by one of my specialists)
  • Unpealed vegetables and fruits (make sure that you always peal your fruits and vegetables because the skins tend to attack our bowels very quickly)
  • Tomatoes (this is the first thing that my doctors told me to cut off from my meals , I use them for flavor often but never eat them)
  • Popcorn (one of the hardest grains to digest)
  • Nuts (you are not supposed to eat those raw because they are very hard to digest completely)

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