Benefits Of Smoothies & Detox Water

Hello friends , this post mostly concerns you if you have Crohn’s disease or other IBDs but it could be just as useful if you do not have a thing.

I started these two methods 10 months ago , especially when I was having flare ups or when I just didn’t have an appetite. Instead of letting the days go by without eating I found a perfect way to balance my proteins , sugar rate and salted nourishments :

– Smoothies 

I mainly use green fruits and vegetables because they are my favorites but this is not an obligation. My usual green smoothies can contain ingredients such as : apple , spinach , mint , avocado, kale , cucumber , seaweed and matcha. If I take one or two glasses when I have no appetite, I can last a day knowing that I had vitamins A , vitamins C , potassium , magnesium , fiber , sugar , and even water to stay hydrated etc.

As a complement, if like me, you would like to separate your meal and your drink so that you will have a double water and vitamin contribution to your diet, the Detox Water was made for you.

– Detox Water

The simple fusion of water and fruits/plants/herbs/vegetables will change the way you perceive water for the rest of your lives, and as IBD patients it might help you a lot.

This water protects your organs throughout the day while getting rid of harmful toxins and hydrating you constantly by the amount of glasses you drink per day. Each ingredient you plan to put in your water has different benefits, therefore if you have an IBD I would advise you to choose from this list :

mint for digestion

cucumber for its anti-inflammatory properties

ginger for digestion and pain relief

kiwi for vitamins A and E

strawberries to fight carcinogens

– no lemon if you have Crohn’s disease

PS : Detox water is also very useful if you are trying to lose weight, the main fat burners are lime and grapefruit waters.


Any questions about this article feel free to ask.



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