Crohn’s Disease : Good News… Finally !

Hi Guys.

As I was getting ready for my two strict vegan weeks ahead, which mostly consist in looking for some products I haven’t tried before to add to my diet, I came across this article about how some doctors think they found what causes us to have Crohn’s Disease. Awesome right ? Well actually not quite because I have read those types of articles so many times that I don’t even believe in them anymore, so when I saw this title I did not even click on the link because to me it was just another way to manipulate us into thinking that we could have more surreal answers to a lot of our WHYs. Although, what I was not expecting was to receive an alert from a famous French News website [BFM] about the same subject, the title of the article read « Crohn’s Disease : A fungus identified as key factor » and since it seems to me that they just never talk about us in the news (in France that is) I thought that it would only be ignorant for me not to read this.

Apparently, when for years we have been told that this autoimmune disease was caused by the body’s immune system attacking cells mistakenly triggered by bacteria in the digestive tract, it seems that now after many researches that I did not even believe was conducted in the first place (I know I’m not much of an optimist) doctors and lab workers finally identified a specific fungus and two bacteria that they think make people develop the disease.

This is good news of course, because finding a cause is bringing them a step closer to find a cure and that is amazing.

Fungus identity : Candida Tropicalis

Bacteria identity : E. Coli & Serratia marcescens

Study conducted in : Center for Medical Mycology at Case Western Reserve and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Study conducted by : Professor, director and study’s senior author Mahmoud A. Ghannoum

Press release date : Monday, September 26th, 2016

Of course, this new study does not dismiss the fact that Crohn’s Disease is also a result of « multiple factors such as genetics and environmental such as what people eat » said Dr. Ghannoum.

After researchers proceeded to analyze and then compare fecal samples from healthy and Crohn’s Disease patients, they came to the conclusion that the two bacteria and the fungus interact with each other. This interaction causes them to produce a slimy layer of micro organisms that will most likely be able to adhere to various organs in the body, including the intestines which would cause the same type of inflammation known to affect us, Crohn’s Disease patients.

New treatment options are now in the works and I’m really glad.

Dr. Ghannoum reported that a probiotic with the right mix of good bacteria to control the bad bacteria that cause Crohn’s symptoms could be a possibility.

Well this is well received news, or at least it gives a little bit of hope for the future.

If you have any questions about this article or have some informations to share, feel free.



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