Why So Accurate, Mr Crohn ?

Hey guys,

as you can see I found the second best image to sum up what a Crohn’s disease patient feels like every day (I will share the first image I found in a little while). I absolutely enjoy finding pictures that I can relate to and laugh about at the same time and this is exactly what this one represents. This is how I feel every single day , the fatigue , the insomnia , the inexistant weight gain , the endless loss of concentration. Actually the loss of concentration is actually cool because now  I can do a million things at once , you would never guess what I’m doing other than typing this article right now *laughs*oh wait I got sidetracked *serious laughs*.

I’m really used to this by now so complaining never occurs to me, I doubt that it ever has and I know that it will not either , there is no point anyway , you just have to live life the most positive way possible and you will be okay.

Anywho, I really laughed at the third step because usually I walk ahead but then I just end up in the back all the time or I say things like « I give you 2 more minutes until I completely stop » *laughs*

If you feel the same way and have interesting stories, feel free to tell.



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