Banana Toasts

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] It all started when I wanted to make a simple cranberry-mango sauce to dress my banana toasts, but I ended up with a jam at the end, and a burnt saucepan. It was delicious though... at least the 30% I could save. Don’t worry, I will tell you how NOT … Lire la suite de Banana Toasts


Banana Bread Et Spiruline

Initially, this banana bread was supposed to be blue but spirulina and soy milk blended together made this "pretty" green color. 24 hours is how long it took us to eat the whole thing (not that this is unusual since I never saw banana bread surviving more than 30 hours in this house). De base, … Lire la suite de Banana Bread Et Spiruline

Apple Rings w/ Salted Butter Caramel Sauce

Lots of calories but still vegan , here is the recipe for the fried apple rings and their salted butter caramel sauce (which is a specialty from the West of France where I was born :-). [VIDEO : ] Ingredients : 2 Granny apples Groundnut oil Heavy soy cream Salted butter Batter : (1 cup) Flour … Lire la suite de Apple Rings w/ Salted Butter Caramel Sauce