La Mangue !

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] If I had to choose between strawberries and mango, I would choose mango as my favorite. Not only does this fruit tastes amazing, it's also good for your health. I like mine sour and a little sweet, mixed with lime and garlic while others prefer it ripe and juicy. Si … Lire la suite de La Mangue !


Crohn’s Ennemy

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] I called this article Crohn’s ennemy because it litteraly is. Like I said before, when I first learned that I had Crohn’s disease, the first thing I had to totally delete from my diet was tomatoes, especially raw tomatoes. It stuck to me so much that to this day, even … Lire la suite de Crohn’s Ennemy

Green Snack

A simple snack on a simple afternoon. Ingredients : Avocado Granny apple Lime Lemongrass Sweet soy sauce Avocado nutrients :  - Pantothenic acid 42% - Fiber 40% - Vitamin K 35% - Copper 31% - Folate 30% - Vitamin B6 23% - Vitamin E 21% - Potassium  21% - Vitamin C 20% Any questions about this post, feel free to ask.