Crème Avocat-Curcuma

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] This cream 🥒  was almost as good as my avocado-passionfruit cream that I will share with you guys in a little while. I was supposed to eat this with rice at first, but I made a promise to myself this year to eat at least 2 green vegetables a day... … Lire la suite de Crème Avocat-Curcuma


Green Euro-Asian Soup

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] I always love to mix things up a little and revisit recipes so this time, be prepared for something (I hope) you never tasted before 🥒 A green soup yes, but not just any other green soups. J'aime beaucoup évoluer et revisiter des recette alors LÀ, soyez prêt pour quelque … Lire la suite de Green Euro-Asian Soup