Asian Vegan Patties

As a snack or just lunch this vegan patties recipe is so easy to make and so nutritional. Ingredients : 3 Potatoes 2 Garlic gloves Paprika Black Pepper Sriracha Sea salt Salted Butter Thym 1 rice wrapper Coconut oil All purpose flour/Corn flour Sesame seeds Recipe : Mash your potatoes Add the garlic , paprika … Lire la suite de Asian Vegan Patties


Vegan Chilli

This is not the average fall meal but it's so easy to make and such a party when it's served. [ VIDEO : Vegan Chilli Recipe ] Ingredients : 2 Soy steaks 2 Garlic cloves 1 White onion (2 tbsp) Chilli powder (1 tsp) Curcuma , paprika & basil (1 tsp) Salt , ginger & brown sugar … Lire la suite de Vegan Chilli

Apple Rings w/ Salted Butter Caramel Sauce

Lots of calories but still vegan , here is the recipe for the fried apple rings and their salted butter caramel sauce (which is a specialty from the West of France where I was born :-). [VIDEO : ] Ingredients : 2 Granny apples Groundnut oil Heavy soy cream Salted butter Batter : (1 cup) Flour … Lire la suite de Apple Rings w/ Salted Butter Caramel Sauce