Losbter Bisque Penne

Yes, you read the title right. Lobster bisque can be eaten in other ways. This is an old recipe so it is not vegan. Ingredients : Organic lobster bisque (1 Cup) Penne (pasta) Parsley Sesame seeds Black pepper Water (1/5 glass) Recipe : In a small saucepan bring your water to a boil and add … Lire la suite de Losbter Bisque Penne


Vegan Pennes pt.1

Pastas are exetremely different and I called this article "part 1" because I have at least more than 100 recipes and different pastas to present. Let's start with Penne shalle we ?! Ingredients : Penne pastas Cherry tomatoes Shallot Leeks Spicy Olives Jalapeño Sea salt & cayenne pepper Soy milk Coconut oil Recipe : Cook … Lire la suite de Vegan Pennes pt.1