Blue Bowl

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] What a nice way to start the day ?! A good breakfast bowl with only the best morning treats. Quelle belle façon de commencer la journée ?! Un pti dej' avec pleins d'éléments indispensables pour être en forme dès le matin. Ingredients : (1/5 cup) Semolina [1/5v de Semoule fine] … Lire la suite de Blue Bowl


Gretel Box Goodies

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] My first time trying Gretel Box , and I am pretty satisfied. I kept seeing this brand on Instagram but it's when a friend of mine recommended it to me that I finally ordered my first box. This French brand allows its customers to choose 5 different snacks every month (or every … Lire la suite de Gretel Box Goodies