Poivrons Farcis

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] These stuffed bell peppers were extremely easy to make. I say this about a lot of recipes because I am not a slow cooker, I like things done fast (Yes, I have OCD Lol), but really I never have more than 45 to 50 minutes to stay on my feet … Lire la suite de Poivrons Farcis


Jars Full Of Salads

Vegan week is still going strong and here is my favorite preparation , anything that can go in a jar is fun to make to me that's for sure. Ingredients : Kale Carrots Smoked Tofu Vinaigrette : Shallot , garlic , chives , parsley , honey , Worcestershire sauce , thym Spinach Any questions about … Lire la suite de Jars Full Of Salads