Kiwi – Avocat

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] Hey guys, I know that I’ve been missing these past few days but it is my last year in school (I’ll talk about this soon) so I had a lot to take care of and plus, I have family over. Now that everything is settled and back to normal, I … Lire la suite de Kiwi – Avocat


Bo-Bun Vegan

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] I never really liked this Asian speciality (probably because of the porc rolls and all) but I always had fun eating the vegan version and adding some flavor to it. Je n'ai jamais vraiment apprécié cette spécialité asiatique (surement à cause des nems au porc etc.) mais j'ai toujours adoré … Lire la suite de Bo-Bun Vegan