Jars Full Of Salads

Vegan week is still going strong and here is my favorite preparation , anything that can go in a jar is fun to make to me that's for sure. Ingredients : Kale Carrots Smoked Tofu Vinaigrette : Shallot , garlic , chives , parsley , honey , Worcestershire sauce , thym Spinach Any questions about … Lire la suite de Jars Full Of Salads


Crohn’s Disease : Good News… Finally !

Hi Guys. As I was getting ready for my two strict vegan weeks ahead, which mostly consist in looking for some products I haven't tried before to add to my diet, I came across this article about how some doctors think they found what causes us to have Crohn's Disease. Awesome right ? Well actually … Lire la suite de Crohn’s Disease : Good News… Finally !