Crohn’s Ennemy

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] I called this article Crohn’s ennemy because it litteraly is. Like I said before, when I first learned that I had Crohn’s disease, the first thing I had to totally delete from my diet was tomatoes, especially raw tomatoes. It stuck to me so much that to this day, even … Lire la suite de Crohn’s Ennemy


Féroce D’Avocat Stuffing

I think I'm getting used to these Frenglish (French & English) titles... But anyway, I tried an old Caribbean recipe for lunch called : Féroce for the first time and it turned out great. Instead of just eating it the usual way, I decided to use it as stuffing for my spread tomatoes and my … Lire la suite de Féroce D’Avocat Stuffing