Cauli-Broco Star

Cauliflower and brocoli are sisters to me, I love to use them together, they bring out different flavors and can be mixed with anything and cooked in more than 5 ways (salads, gratins, mashed, soups, smoothies, cakes etc.) Ingredients : Cauliflower Brocoli Onion Lemon Black pepper , Guérande salt Soy sauce/Worcester sauce/Sriracha Garlic Brown sugar … Lire la suite de Cauli-Broco Star


Minced Soy Wrap

[Article ENG /FR] Mexican and vegan at the same time, these wraps were very nice. Mexicain et végétalien au même moment, ces wraps étaient délicieux. Ingredients : Green and yellow peppers [Poivrons jaunes et verts] Minced soy [Émincé de soja] Red onions [Oignons rouges] Cilantro [Coriandre] Mixed salad [Salade mixte] Recipe : I don't think … Lire la suite de Minced Soy Wrap