Acai Bowl – avec ou sans acai

[Article : ENGLISH – FRANÇAIS] Here is everybody's favorite breakfast : the Acai bowl. Like I said before a lot of us have been doing this for a while but it just didn't look that beautiful. It became a little trendy in the past years, but a healthy trend is always better than a dumb … Lire la suite de Acai Bowl – avec ou sans acai


Vegan Pennes pt.1

Pastas are exetremely different and I called this article "part 1" because I have at least more than 100 recipes and different pastas to present. Let's start with Penne shalle we ?! Ingredients : Penne pastas Cherry tomatoes Shallot Leeks Spicy Olives Jalapeño Sea salt & cayenne pepper Soy milk Coconut oil Recipe : Cook … Lire la suite de Vegan Pennes pt.1